at the gates of perception lyrics – omnicide

would you endure a lifetime full of demons
for one angel’s sake? would you devour a saint?
to preserve a fair world full of guilt?
to create something pristine, would you bear horrors

standing at the gates of perception – the questions
erupt from within:
the answers unheard a flood of words from the nescience

what is truth?
what is good?
is there a h*ll?
how to tell?
… a flood of words so unstoppable as if it burst from

each sp*wning infinite considerations,
each bearing a measured choice,
each raising the agony of decision.
gruelling lies the fact that every singular

choice embraced leaves a thousand of its kind to die
miserable, their swansong softly howling through cold
a faint “nevermore” before p*ssing into silence.
attended by subtle violence

each dead child sp*wned from the mind,
is it a martyr for the parents sake, his salvation,
or a victim for naught,
rotting on a path long darkened?

still, the questions remain the same:

would you wander on as a whole town burns in the rear?

would you stray
from the true path
to flee from this gruesome wrath?

would you reckon that your life was branded by self-
would you realise when pure truth shines from your
are you sure that there can be only one answer?
that there’s only one gate to p*ss

is it too late
to turn the page?
was there more than just a single gate?
now does it bother you?
are you afraid?
that you can’t turn the page…

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