at the gates lyrics – wisdom

“all hope abandon, ye who enter here!”
/dante alighieri/

since i was born i have never before
seen daemon’s eyes
one day i thought i can seek the forest
search deep inside

time has gone by as i wandered too far
darkness and cold
led me to run but i realized there’s
nowhere to go

if only i could find a way
the way to peace of mind
if only i was born again to turn back time

i wanna lie on a cloud in the sky
lie with a blindfold over my eyes
fadin’ away till the old man of fate
opens the heaven’s gate

how i got home, i can only recall
those eyes and smell
some people say i have sold my soul and
will go to h*ll

i believe in heaven, my soul will never die
i believe in afterlife

strange little deal with the evil of all
i hoped that my spirit will never fall
i’ve nothing more but this story to tell
here at the gates of h*ll

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