at the edge of damnation lyrics – deathwish

the priest looks so malicious,
the eastern sky the rising sun,
claws outstretched to meet the morning.
many will die before the day is done.
they are many,
they are evil,
they shall destroy
they will drag your soul
down into h*ll.

people tell me i’ll be alright,
soon i will be well,
but i’m at the edge of d*mnation,
looking into the mouth of h*ll.

again i’m falling now i’m back here.
all around me i can see,
bodies writhing, screaming, crying,
people dying in agony.
demon army, desecrating,
everything they see.
black rats scuttle through
the debris of the slaughter,
feasting on the flesh of humanity.

death’s black shadows drawing nearer,
they are upon me now.
i have tried so hard to get back home,
but i can’t remember how.
now i’m taken,
so fast downwards,
please someone help me
they’re dragging my soul down into h*ll.

people told me i’d be alright,
but i knew time would tell.
i am taken into d*mnation,
the very pits of h*ll.

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