at hell’s horizon lyrics – desaster

red bl**dy let’s drank from sunrise
the final sh*r* is close at hand
emperor’s to the night addicted
come and praise my heathen’s dome

bring the mob to cross horizons
fear the purity that blinds all eyes
obscure obsession the siege of power
from beyond the reigning hand

i call to thee to be among them
i prayed all gods to send hate along them
i took the sacrifice to spell the curse upon them
in h*ll’s purity all shall serve thy will

twilight sun lay curse upon us
send for free your burning pride
to kill the kings almost among us
and rape the fields from mankind hands

poison well all healing waters
contamination till the inner core
frozen souls for eternal slavery
this by far the reigning hand

i call to thee to be among them!

at h*ll’s horizons – at the burning cold – within seas of agoby
at h*ll’s horizons – acid astral angels – born by now in blasphemy

at h*ll’s horizons
at h*ll’s horizons

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