asshole lyrics – guttermouth

i don’t like the things you like
and you don’t like the things i like
she don’t like the things they like
so who the f*ck is really right
see a skinhead at a show
let him know he’s got to go
f*ck white power, the kkk

everyone’s an *sshole
my mom’s an *sshole
you’re a f*cking *sshole
and i’m a godd*mn *sshole

mom and dad, the grateful dead
major labels and straight edge
coors and school and roller blades
god, rick james and oakley shades
fishing, wayne, silly jocks
nazis, midgets, new tube socks
l.d. from m.r.&r.
and f*cking zeppelin man

hippies, harleys, pearl jam
chili peppers, case of spam
riot grrls, ponch and jon
squash and pork and carmel flan
we hate these things
we hate you, too

go f*ck a monkey in the zoo
oscar meyer has a way with

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