as life and death collide lyrics – divine souls

in every dream i have a struggle against myself
as pictures rape my mind
by every waking moment life falls apart
i’ve lost my perspectives

will i fade away into the abyss of dusk
to dwell in shadows is this my bereavement

but no one listen to the silent scream
no one hear me why bother to even care
will i find a meaning to win what i have lost
and will i forget my misery

i search for the light
the sadness drowned in tears
i search for the light
still the wounds a part of me

but i know that life can be replaced
my only wish don’t give me sympathy
and my life only seconds from being erased
it is time as life and death collide

the sight gets dim i feel the calm
in the wail of death
embraced by shadows my face ever so pale
to another dimension i fall

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