as i face the eternity lyrics – ablaze my sorrow

as i fell asleep i could hear your scream
as i fell deeper into your my dream – you died

did i not bleed for you?
did i not suffer?
did i not cry for you, my dear?

you took your life, my dear
you entered h*ll, my love

i want to be with you
not even death can stop me

i enter the gate of the realm of death
as i face the eternity
i feel the emptiness and desperation

“in the darkest place of this earth
where the wild wolves are howling”

i seem to be one with the winds
as i soar through the air

i took my life, my dear
i entered h*ll, my love

as i fell asleep you could hear me scream
as you fell deeper into your dream – i died
forever – resting in h*ll

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