archways lyrics – evemaster

i can hear the flicker of flames
and the seasons’ change as i fall through the forest floor
i feel myself falling deeper – will i ever greet her?
the entrance and the chamber door…

“ah, i still remember – it was in the bleak december
each separate dying ember wrought it’s ghost upon the forest floor”
they stretch their dead calm fingers – stood silent through long winters
ghastly and silent, casting their shadows now and forevermore


deep into the woods gazing – i stood there wondering
dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before
but the silence was unbroken – no voices were awoken
embraced in darkness i fell on my knees on the forest floor


i heard my heart beating – and the woods started breathing
i could hear my whispers even louder i heard them before
the whispers pierced my mind, the pictures in my eyes
i whispered the tales told never before of the heroes of yore

my heart is sorrow laden – this life is slowly fading
i want to see more, feel more, please i implore!
i still have so much to see – in these woods surrounding me
take me back to draconian sh*r*

found the ancient fanes anything so arcane, the time draws nigh, forevermore
see the shadows dance in the night’s clasp on a star lit sky, nevermore

the eastern horizon’s black turns blood – as i cry i can feel the closing dawn
these nocturnal archways come – something undone
but the memory of me shall remain forevermore…


as i rise on my wings to fly – the zephyr brings tear to my eye
this darkness i adore – further i’ll explore
but the memory of me shall remain forevermore…

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