apollo interlude lyrics – epmd

[e] in back of the apollo, the episode

[e] yo p check this yo
[p] yo what?
[e] i bugged one of the rooms in the apollo, yeah word up

yeah c’mon keep it movin, keep it movin

[p] word?
[e] nah i’m sayin so-and-so’s room, yaknowhati’msayin p?
[e] tryin to say somethin, n*gg*z be playa hatin
[p] true
[e] let’s hear what they talkin about

yo p, c’mon!

[e] aight let’s go to the back, let’s go in the car

foxy brown up next, foxy brown up next

[p] yo yo whattup?
[e] hold up, where my key at?

[e] hey wh*ssup y’all? peace peace yo wh*ssup?
yo whattup son?
[e] check it out

“you saw that sh*t? you saw that n*gg*z show?
awwwwwwohhhhh, whoaahhhhhh
n*gg*z talkin about the stinkiest sh*t
they bring on that sh*t
wha-hoahh, man, god to what?
you gotta admit b, the motherf*ckers tore the f*ckin house down
i got the f*ckin alb*m b!
i ain’t gon front on the sh*t, f*ck em, knowhati’msayin?
bust on n*gg*z and sh*t
we gon change the whole era man, we gotta go back man…
.? .
nocturnal yo we got one, we got one…”

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