apokalips lyrics – mezarkabul

at last all alone
sýlence feeds the rest
cold darkness gone
remaýns the void and vast

wýnds of sand protect me
like no one‘s ever done
now winds of sand deny all
from any human flaw

ravens in the air
ancýent pipe is blown
a dream i recall

at first they evoked
demons of theýr past
hope and joy is gone
mindfall came at last

gales of hate in death wards
wasted flesh and bones
the wings of black collecting souls
a destiny foretold

the apocalypse ýs on
fall ýnto my arms
drown ýn paýn and tears
my vengeance wýll be faýr

the apocalypse is on
crawl into my arms
like insects my dears
the fallen‘s lonely heýr
týme has come to face your fear

ravens in the air
dawn of judgement day
can you repay

the world you think you know
all will fade and dýsappear

as darkness falls all through the land
i will recall your healing hand
and in this flood of human blood
i will depend on your healing hand
i don‘t debate my humble fate
but how so dim, my human kin

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