any style you want lyrics – esham

(any style you want, big boy you gon get it) x4
step in the place
b*tches look at me from head to toe
hoe *ss n*gg*z look like “oh no”
’cause i’m the
body sn*tcha, b*tch catcha
got a .357, don’t make me point it atcha
’cause when i’m gone off hennesy
i be tryin to f*ck hoes from detroit to tennessee
and it’s a everyday thang to me
and yo, only my nutz get to hang with me–n*gg*
(i got a phat sack of indo)
man–i got a half ounce of afghan–f*ck that
i’m from the city where they show no pity
n*gg*z get buried in the ground like frank nitti
n*gg*–fill my cup up with v-s-o-p
and reel life is in the house most definitely
f*ckin with these hoes
hey young ho(the world is yours) x4
you might catch me tippin at a t*ttie bar
f*ckin with b*tches with big booties, and there they are
you got: bootylicious, rumpshaka
nuttin nyce, jamaica,
peaches, secret, versace, s*ssette
mystic, lipstick–i see some p*ssy y’all
ahhhh sh*t
back to the bar, take a sip of my drink
i’m thinkin to myself, “do her p*ssy stank?”
(ay girl why you f*ckin with that n*gg*, he ain’t pimpin)
he trippin, i ain’t bullsh*ttin
come and get this bank while i sip my drink
some of you hoes fresh out the fish tank
say somethin smellin fishy
and they say it’s you
ah sh*t, get the f*ck back baby boo
’cause if it’s true, i ain’t even tryina f*ck wit you
and plus you look like a dog named scooby doo–ho
hey young ho(the world is yours) x4
i got b*tches, on my mind
i can’t hold back b*tch, now’s the time
i wanna f*ck all b*tches in the house tonight
like rudy ray moore played dolemite
oh sh*t b*tch, you got my d*ck on bone
now i’m makin raps about you on the microphone
ain’t no way in the world i’m leave you alone
heard you had the bomb p*ssy, i asked my boy tone
hotel, motel, holiday inn
b*tch bring a friend
and if she ain’t f*ckin then leave her *ss home(take yo *ss home)
’cause she ain’t gettin nothin but the thuggish ruggish bone
i’m gone
if i only had one b*tch
that would always suck my d*ck
like you told me in your letters
one b*tch is always better
so i save the d*ck for you
’cause no other b*tch will do
one b*tch is always better
hey young ho(the world is yours) x4
(?, any style you want, big boy you gon get it) x5

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