animal lyrics – ellie goulding


i’ll show you all of the places i’m dreaming
of. i’ll take you to the ocean,
i’ll bring the sun
we are seventeen, we are just begun…
i have loved a five four and then some
but you are the one
wake up in the morning, we’re
paralysed… we’ll fly into the garden
like b*tterflies
there will be no blood
and there’ll be no pain
i want to fall in love with you
again again again

you have stolen all my senses
there’s a fever in my heart
amd you are taking my defences
you are pulling me apart
forever we’re young and we are dying
and will spilling all our blood
so i will take away my feelings
i will be an animal
an animal

i’ll tie you in my arms, i will smother you
we’ll tell eachother lies
like we tell the truth
i’ll colour in the sky and i’ll colour you
i want to draw on your skin
again again again

we will run away from danger
we will run away

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