angel rectums do bleed lyrics – impaled nazarene

see it with your own eyes if you don’t believe me
come on, just one cut and angel r*ct*ms do bleed
taste it with your own tongue, now that’s real blood
slip your finger inside and hear the weep of god

[cho:] thundering d*mnation
h*llfire salvation
redeeming abomination
masturbating till death

feel it with your own finger if you don’t believe me
hard as stone, golden r*ct*m yet red blood it bleeds
slice it open, open wide and find about the reek of heaven
throw away your inhibitions, smear the sh*t with devil’s s*m*n

[repeat chorus]

rub it with your own p*n*s if you don’t believe me
golden walls of angel r*ct*m feel like pure goat skin
now that you have been liberated, baptized in angel’s blood
it’s time to move on, next stop is god’s c*nt

[repeat chorus]

[music: anttila]
[lyrix: luttinen]

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