ancient evil lyrics – kult ov azazel

with iron and steel we fight with will
with flam and gas we erase the past
torching and killing, waging war
christians, muslims and judeans will fall

liberation through decimation
separation by desecration
destroying the sacred
execution with precision
annihilation of monotheism
destroying the sacred

no gods, no masters, no idols, no saviors

with disgust and hate we penetrate
and desecrate holy temples with flame
holiness and sacredness burnt from within
purity and righteousness dead once again

synagogues in flames and mosques ablaze
cathedrals of ash, houses of god in collapse
destroying the sacred
bibles ripped and torn, bodies rot in scorn
abolishment imposed through inhumanities
destroying the sacred

driven by blasphemy
sacrilegious hate and atrophy
atrocities of catastrophic form
a world reborn
sanct*ty destroyed

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