all in good time lyrics – tiger lou

all in good time
i will stop for no one
i will stop for nothing
don’t care about a thing

all in good time
i won’t stop to rest
i won’t stop to sleep
i don’t need no sleep

’cause i wanna find love here
so where are you going? [my…]

please be still
so i can adjust myself
i’m so close now
i’m so close
go back to the day
your covers were red
[my…] what do i see?
you laugh at me
you laugh at me child

oh this is my
my only one
like it or not
soon i’ll be gone
and i could never live
live like you learn
fly like you fly
say what you say
and i’m almost done
and the fine line between
this and some dream
is that i sold my soul
for something
i could never give
this isn’t me

where do i go?
where do i run?
where do i find
peace of mind?

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