all hippies are dropouts lyrics – leng tch’e

all hippies are dropouts, all hippies are fakes
from hippie you became the yuppie you hate
all of your ideals you have dropped, f*ck off
from peace you went to business
there’s nothing left of your person,
aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
look what you became after all,
things you swore you’d never do!
you were so cool, taking some drugs, talking politics
but you changed a lot ‘coz you never believed in it
you were so full of ideals and now you’ve dropped them all
you became everything you used to
despise when you were young
you betrayed yourself and your friends
‘coz you never believed your own ideals
you just went with the crowd
in a ridiculous effort to be hip and trendy

why do i think you’re ridiculous now?
because you are so full of sh*t nowadays,
you’re saying one thing but you do the other,
preaching about love and peace

but you’re the ones making war now,
doing business, all for cash no ideals, no rebellion,
just hollow lives at the stock exchange

/ leng tche lyrics