alexandria lyrics – winter’s bane

with a seductive smile and a hypnotic gaze
i broke the silence and asked her name
she whispered in my ear
that there is only fear
without hope or love for each other
i didn’t need any hope i wasn’t looking for love
i just needed a fix someone i could touch
i wasn’t taking a chance on any type of romance
i just needed something
i bought the hotel room i knew that she was doomed
like all the ones before another countless face
caressing her pale skin
as smooth as porcelain
she undressed to reveal black lace
pulling her close i felt her flesh
my not breath kissed her icy neck
shot a chill down her spine
i knew the time was right
i will follow my intuition
hold on tight and won’t let go
with every breath i feel the tension
i just don’t let it show
each thrust, in time
i think i’ve crossed that line
i’m ready i’m ready
i’m gonna blow
to my surprise she knew the game
a selfish act, just wanted laid
quietly she moaned john it’s your turn
i thought what could it hurt
i wasn’t fully aware of her s*d*stic intent
’till she pulled out a whip then i knew what she meant
she tied me down and lit candles of red
and unleashed her fury
each violent strike opened a wound
in ancient tongues she was consumed
on the wall a pentagram
while she took the seed of man
alexandria you’re a demon wh*r*
a succubus a black hole
a deep void filled with p*ssion
a wicked b*tch a love *ss*ssin
an evil twist i can’t resist the mistress of the d*mned
the stakes are high now i am d*mned
the stakes are high now i am doomed
my soul’s at hand

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