aftermath lyrics – king diamond

she’s coming home tonight having dealt the final blow
forgetting half and half of what she doesn’t even know
she picks at me for hours with those words she doesn’t like
her freedom is an outrage in her voice is discontent
she screams and takes a fit when we need money for the rent
and fate is never equal to the money when it’s spent
try evil for a laugh. we’re dancing. tables are arranged.
she’s lost her contact now she thinks her family is deranged
she takes the blue before the red. it happens every day.
talking with her’s not too easy when she is aware
that everyone around her sees the truth but doesn’t care
and if she smartens up it won’t be right for me to stay
this two-tone world with it’s paper skies
we tear a hole to watch the sun burn holes into our eyes
our retinas scar and so we learn to stand out of the way
i’m swimming back to sh*r* because the derigible sank
roland gave me courage when he said i was a tank
i know you won’t believe me if it matters and it may.

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