afterlife sorrow lyrics – cartilage

like blood my tears flow, sorrow engulfing me
a being that is lost, in ways of arcane lore
love that i knew, now rots in perverted
form, that i fed with life, now i’m just…

restlesss soul doomed to a solless rest the
pain of being dead, infernal paradise
charring my swollen eyes
the lake of blood boisl dry, ascending rusty
excruciating dream…
… am i free?

chant of the ancient ones:
“thy darkened ways incised our grace
we’ll bleed you dry!
writhe in dismay, eternal stay
now cease to be!”

lament of the dead:
“thoo were thy own god, now but a dog…
remain and rot!
our paternal love, a velvet glove
condemsthee now!”

a swarm of dead souls, dissect my impure sh*ll
as i bewail, they flay, all skin from my
corpse, that is dead, in rest, yet i feel
grief, for the loss, of my old carnal home

torn in half, cpmsi, ed bu, monmdness fools
a feast on my cold flesh, fragmented putrid mess
swallowed till last abscess
the swarm now vanishes, vortex of gods appear
swiftly it’s drawing near
now i fear!

the scars of old – dissolve, with me
as i, submit – cease, to be.

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