acceptance lyrics – face down

awaken and i feel sick
like b*tterflies dying in my stomach
now i cannot sleep
the visions creep behind my stare
giving me the reality
of dying in a nightmare
don’t say that it doesn’t mean anything
don’t say you can’t die in your dreams
i’m running through a familiar hall
the nameless overwhelming
they keep pushing me they’re pulling me apart
what i think what i feel what i say
well it doesn’t seem to make a difference to anyone but me
you can’t imagine what i see when i dream
it’s a wonder that i have not been locked away
i don’t know why i care who can say
does a little part of me die every night i close my eyes
i shut my eyes and dream
don’t look right don’t talk right why are you not right
don’t dress right don’t walk right i’ll show you the light
i wanna be your friend i’m gonna help you blend
into an all-american
clean you up real good like you know i should
you’ll never be yourself again!”
now i know what they mean when they say
that resistance is a lesson in futility
they can grab they can pull they can break
to prove they’re strong but i will awake and realize they were wrong
so wrong about me

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