abuse it (till it bleeds) lyrics – wrath

suicide overload, she can’t get away
can’t get her mind through another day
praying for the strength
or the will to survive
don’t wanna be around when
she takes that dive
simple minds breed simple souls
the time has come as the bell tolls
her silly *ss body crawls into bed
to get by
under the sheets is where
she’s gonna die

around the block is where she goes
everybody’s had some, we all know
disease, infections to the point of disgust
her mind is raged with that one track l*st
calling out to anyone with a gun
she wants to be loaded full of
no potential there’s only
one way out
the end is near as she screams and shouts

force her – onto her knees
make it – last to please
abuse it – till it bleeds
make it – good to me
make it – good to me
abuse it – till it bleeds

/ wrath lyrics