abominations of ancient gods lyrics – shub niggurath

… when thy lives were created to domain
the worlds of confusion
dimensional gates allude the penance
to the eternities

beyond madness, in depths of darkness
expect oscure blasphemies wishing the fecund revelation
manifested for evil altars becoming faith for wrath
to reborn, to recall… netherworld!!

invoking with cruel anger
a souled symbol from naxyr’s kingdom
animating mighty spirits
immortal powers of destruction
liberation of old chaos
resurrection of old wickedness

the fire is cold, day is black
as night is white, thy gates, new deuced

friendlike oath

constellation of impious witches
will annihilate our light
bright light!!

of amorphous demon
will create our end
sweet h*ll!!

humanity will desist
by vengeance of those ones


beyond madness, in depths of darkness
to hail to embrace… netherworld!!

rebirth of shamblers will begin
ancient gods will walk the earth
exempting a seas of spirits

in condemnation for the nations

doomsday will appear
by revenge of those ones
blackened holy death
walking on the sp*ce,
out of the living
these voices will resound!!

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