a thin line lyrics – cormega

your depiction of a thug n*gg*, is fiction
your words hung my n*gg* lines were drawn
you sided with the judge i ain’t a hater
i don’t love squellers(squealers,) that’s me
you have the audacity to talk like you real
n*gg* you fold under pressure, my life is real
you sold your soul to detectives i could get you murdered
but you dying a slow death denying you told yet
the truth came to light you a fake n*gg*
you helped the d.a.’s case my n*gg*
f*ck your life i hate the side(sight) of your face n*gg*
only a fake n*gg* would respect you
you went against the cause and signed papers
the signatures yours that’s that bullsh*t pardon me
? sammy the bullsh*t? take the stand betraying the fam
should have kept it real you put your fate in ya hand
i guess that’s the way it was planned

(hook) [cormega]
there’s a a thin line between love and hate and you crossed it
you had respect around the way and you lost it
if a coward dies a thousand deaths how you gon’ live?
n*gg* you get no love

death before dishonor
you sacrificed your breath so respect a n*gg* power in jail
i get you hit up in the shower
i’m a real n*gg* i walk the streets with pride
i’m the turth, you living a lie
you a part-time prosecuter, full time? hosa?[haza(see “frank” in scarface)]
i right rhymes with great’ness you write statements n*gg*
and think the streets don’t know
tssk, yo it was all good just a week ago
how could you live with being the d.a.’s witness
and knowing ya names *ssociated with snitches
you could pray for forgiveness i’ma fact(falcon) you a stool pigeon
ain’t nothing you can do n*gg*, might i mention
only a b*tch would snitch to get a lighter sentence
take it like a man n*gg* like official prints and cornbread n*gg*
i’m a warrior you deserve a bullet in ya head n*gg*


uhh, i’m tired of you coming through like snitching justifiable
i once admired you, you rap(rat) b*st*rd
ain’t no need to explain you not my man
everytime you give me five i wash my hands
what n*gg*, m-e-g-a b*tch tell the d.a. bricks
i move in three days not including the grindin
what polluted ya mind was it alluded time
my words are exulted(exalted) yours ruin lives
you a disgrace to ya race i’m true to mine
all my doggs doing time, know before i side with the law
i rather ride with the fours and deprive you of your, coward exsistence
you probably send ya momma to prison to beat a sentence b*tch!


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