a strange family lyrics – forest of souls

my son now the time of great menace which are the people ‘s rumour
we are marginalised by their talk and we ‘re soil by their words
saying your sister isn ‘t living in our walls
now she is living in the woods alone, strolling
what insult for our so pure and straight line !
thus i summer you to find her
here was his words but it ‘s enough of all this stillness
it ‘s enough of our father ‘s closed rigidity
our sister was right to leave and have a free lifeso that ‘s why we are
going to find her reluctanly
but longer is our quest, stronger is our own desire of leaving
o …sister we estim your audacity so don ‘t consider us as your enemies
at last, we ‘ve found you, is a strange aspect cause you became a ghost by
the suicide, away that you chose to rejoin a dead woman you loved
we go back ti the kingdom to say the truth to people knowing a scandal will
there you are so angry, you feeling so comfortable in the ice of conformity
in spite of the new times
the yoke of uprightness is finished, because this freshness break down the
last ramparts of that rigidity
delight you sister you who has joined your love on the sea
because it ‘s here she went calling for you to join her.

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