a softer hand lyrics – dividing the masses

coming straight from the mouth of this worthless coward
“i feel like everyone around me is only out to use me”
suffering’s an everyday concept, it’s bringing you down
to your knees
and it’s sad to say that this is an all too familiar
“hey shawty what’s your sign?
if i plays my cards right i know i’ll get lucky tonight”
now tell me what was going through your head
when you looked me in the eyes and told me you loved me

this is the end of what was
you disgust me
and thats never going to change

sometimes i wonder what it must have felt like being
p*ssed around
like a little rag doll
i’m sure you’ve heard it before
but the only thing you’re good for is that thing between
your legs
every night theres a new man sleeping in your bed
taking full advantage of the hospitalities of your one
night stand
i hope someday you wake up and realize theres more to
but as for now, you brought this on yourself
nothing new for trash like you

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