a new vision of the apocalypse lyrics – mistweaver

darkened clouds
prophesy misfortunes to come
colder winds
bring desolation and pain

famine will return
more plagues to annihilate the human race
armageddon reclaims his realms
death’s scythe is shining blood
apocalypse is here

from centuries it was announced
now it s the time, the second coming
angels ready to fight
the sons of christ will perish in flames

legions from the left hand path
marching to kill the lambs of god

brave and proud under golden shields
all the faithfull will die tonight
apocalypse is here


the underworld is rising now
h*ll s on earth prepare to die
blessed are the meek and go to check
if your god forgives your souls

apocalypse is hear
just sell your souls
to the darkest ones

no need to praise, no need for sacrifices
be your own god, be your only master

a new vision of the apocalypse
it s just the fall of your christ

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