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[in 44 bc, caesar was *ss*ssinated by senators who
opposed caesar’s *ssumption of absolute power and wanted
to restore const*tutional government. initially it was
thought that a new republic will emerge from the chaos
that followed. but in the aftermath a second triumvirate,
consisting of caesar’s designated heir, octavian, and his
former supporters, mark antony and lepidus, took power.
however, this alliance soon descended into a struggle for
dominance. lepidus was exiled, and when octavian defeated
antony and cleopatra of egypt at the battle of actium in
31 bc, he became the undisputed ruler of rome.]

now a new age dawns
the republic’s time is ending
the people fear the end draws near

listen friends and hear my tale
of power and of betrayal
the stage is set the world will never forget

where legends dwell and myths are born
in the aftermath when the world is torn

listen friends and hear my tale
listen all!
welcome to the show…

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