a formless awakening lyrics – i killed everyone

a formless awakening to a shapeless existence
the end of synthetic consciousness
rebirth into depravity
death enters the mind,
corrupting thought
recognize fear destroying any remaining sense of hope
that exists behind your prayers
we are now seated at the right hand of evil
h*ll on earth
i feel its presence in every aspect of life
while you wander the earth, in its darkened, barren glory
you will suffer the wrath your own mind has created
sick with suffering,
the cries of the people fall upon deaf ears
loss of empathy and respect for any living thing
i wont concern myself with matters of human flesh
i am the messenger of a world begging to die
every perception i once had has been debased by this
human disease
a formless awakening to the human condition
life destroyed in seconds
the plague of thought reborn

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