a drop of shadow lyrics – dgm

lights are fading around me
nothingness is inside me
i’m dragged in the darkness…
a cool shiver is running through my skin

the shadows of my fear
are waisting my mind
i’d like to be now
a sound so light that’s piercing the wind

only i know myself now
with my mind i would see
another life to live

in myself i wanna break all this silence
and find the keys that permit me to live
all that i have not tasted till the end
and see all the colours i’ve never seen

now my life is a fire
it’s burning in my breast
new strenghts are raising…
a voice in my heart is whispering one breath

once my friend…

“life is only a game”

so now… i play it

on myself i bet all my hidden anger
a rage so hard like the rust of the time
i need to change all the things i deteste
and feel all i’ve never felt

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