a day as the moon lyrics – deserters

suddenly, i am awake. i see the earth from outer sp*ce. i
feel the warmth
of the sun’s rays, but he never sees my face. this is a
dream i’m sure,
but i can see the world and as long as i’m asleep, i feel
as if i can
almost reach. i can almost feel your touch. hope is such
a rush, but i
can’t conjure love. even in dreams, i’m just not enough.
the endless cycle
of hoping that i’ll wake up, just to go about my day in
the f*cking hole
that i create, in hopes that tonight i dream and that
just for once it
grants me peace… please. i am the moon, so cold and blue,
so many holes in
me from you. did you take a piece of me? i feel so
f*cking empty. cold as
ice, but i’m not melting. i feel the light, but it’s not
f*cking helping
now. please god, just wake me up. i’d rather suffer
through reality than
curse the day for what i see in my dreams.

how could he ever feel the same, when he doesn’t know my

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