…a cold day in hell lyrics – illidiance

denomination! share the dawn of lost soul
through hatred rushes i’m obtaining beasty sh*ll
i’m hunting…
non-living *ss*ssin, prevailing the pain with
blood’s amphetamine, death is the only escaping way
from shallow grave called human being!
let the gallow of the will hauting me – no
the one who’s no soul inborn
i lurk in afflux of nightmare beside
ensared in subconciousness, murdered mind
exile of death, infested with madness anguish ravages
default – killing my flesh!!!
my pandemonium entered, rampagious fear
i’m coming for you…
moving beneath the surface of world
plundering the coul of dying mortals
the god has forsaken me
i lost my essense in delivered fates
inhaling haze of fear, shredding like razor
the yawning chasms of chaos beyond all
but still in me!!!
yeah, the only way – my destiny
no mercy, coz i’m your cold day in h*ll!!!
…i’m your cold day in h*ll
my wounds are so empty like eyeholes og skulls
torture i swallow is your cold day in h*ll…

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