89.9 detrimental lyrics – company flow

for all intents and purposes i ram pride
resonate p*ssy rapper get the long donkey c*ck
i keep telethon mc’s clinging to jerry’s person
motherf*ckin tourette’s syndrome mc’s can’t freestyle without rehearsing
crossed t’s and dotted i’s but still caught a liquid sh*t surprise
rappers got on colored contacts but they better real-eyes
contact coflow sh*t equals el, bigg jus distortion
try to merk off on our pile but you choked on my f*ckin portion
you oughta scream, got my name up in your mouth like c*ck or gingivitis
when every rhyme becomes the official new blueprint for wannabe writers
i don’t mind you talkin sh*t just keep it in the first person
think realistically if you diss me could you handle my reb*ttal version
then again if you spit my name it only means you recognize my status
i flip the script use your little diss as a promotional apparatus
i’ll ignore you sellin crack, killin people, and keepin it real
but disrespect me and my adopted fam and die young like veal
when miscellaneous mc’s drop they spontaneous
bullsh*t metaphor, the outcome is always obvious
when that piece of sh*t mother time gets cut short in 1999
i’ll be stress-free, knowin that while i was on earth i got mine

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