33 days of pontificate (vatican inc) lyrics – delirium x tremens

100 days to crush all their certainties
the life of who own nothing

he had been elected by the hand
of the liar men on the earth
on the throne of shame
a man from the mountains can’t be a problem
a man from the mountains can’t destroy
a reign of sharks and lies of the cross

33 days of pontificate

nunzio vobis gaudium magnum!
habemus victimam
cardinalem albinum luciani

bears, sharks and gangsters united in the name of god

33 days of pontificate
heads will fall like corpse from the sky
33 days to die
vatican incorporated is always right… to die

only one day is enough to understand
rot nestled on a rotten carc*ss
the life of those who believe in the secular lie
in the hands of a band of jackals
hungered for a power like beasts
before human viscern

vatican incorporated

33 days of pontificate
vatican incorporated

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